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Photo of Dan Hahn
Dan Hahn
Middle Grades Principal Administration

I have been working in education for the last 13 years. Previous to being a principal, I taught English for 10 years. I live with my wife Amanda as well as my two boys, Adrian and David. I love TV, music, and movies as well as frequenting as many restaurants as possible. I also love the writing of John Steinbeck, Toni Morrison, and Cormac McCarthy. I played soccer most of my life, including in college, and have been fortunate enough to make music semi-professionally for the last 10 years. I love the music of Bright Eyes, Steph Simon, Conor Oberst, Oilhouse, The National, OutKast, Run the Jewels, and pretty much any really bad Nu Metal from the early 2000s.

I work with our students because it is an honor. These kids are brave, unique, hilarious, and encouraging. I am a better person because I get to know them, and they help me see a bright future for the world. I believe that the best possible place, for those who wish to move the needles of social change forward, is in a public school. Public school embodies the best of civilization; knowledge, equity, discourse, and community. TSAS strives daily to empower our kids and adults to grow in these areas, and we have a good time doing it.

Email: dhahn@tsas.org

Phone: 918-207-8997

Room: 302

Educational Background:

  • Bachelor of Arts in English Education from Northeastern State University
  • Master of Education in Educational Administration, Curriculum, and Supervision from the University of Oklahoma
  • Doctorate of Education in Educational Administration and Policy Studies from the University of Oklahoma (in progress)


Photo of Gabrielle Holston
Gabrielle Holston
Physical Education and Wellness Fine Arts

My name is Gabrielle Holston and I am a small town girl from the lovely state of Alabama. I am the aunt to a lovely little girl and the god mother to 2 wonderful children. My family is my world. I love sports, but basketball is my favorite. I played Division 1 basketball for 5 years. After traveling the world I developed a passion for fashion and photography. I look forward to working with TSAS students to create a healthier tomorrow.

I chose teaching as my profession for several different reasons. As a child growing up, I would always say the last thing I want to be when I grow up is a teacher, but plot twist, it turned out to be the first career job I ever looked into. I choose to teach everyday to break systemic issues that schools and education systems refuse to acknowledge. I show up for those “Aha” moments that students get once the lightbulb turns on. It took for me to see that me being a teacher is giving students the BEST version of myself everyday. I chose teaching as my profession so that I could be the teacher I always longed for as a child.

Email: gholston@tsas.org

Room: 121 (Gym)

Education Background:

  • Bachelor’s in Communications/PR from East Carolina University
  • Master’s in Public Administration from Florida A&M University


Photo of Kate Hughes
Kate Hughes
Speech, Debate, Intro to Speech and Debate, Middle School Drama, Junior Class Co-Sponsor Fine Arts

I have taught at children’s theatres and schools in three different countries. I am married and I have one dog named Daisy. I love singing, reading, gardening, napping, tinkering with language, and cooking. Speech and debate is the only sport I care about! 😉

I teach to empower young people, and thereby affect change in the world.

Email: khughes@tsas.org

Room: 310

Education Background:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Oklahoma City University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music from Oklahoma City University