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Our Students

TSAS students come from every zip code in Tulsa and are alumni of 40 different schools, creating an authentically diverse, multipartial, and intersectional school that mirrors society at large.

Our Results

TSAS has a history of performing well, at or above local, state, and national levels, on standardized and non-standardized metrics of academic success, and is the only charter school in Tulsa that operates a waitlist every year. Also, TSAS has never, in school history, had a teaching role go unfilled.

Our Demographics

TSAS is committed to being a school that is diverse by design. Many of the major institutional decisions over the school's history have been executed to elevate this goal. As such. 50% of TSAS students are on free or reduced lunch and 58% are students of color.

Our Teachers

TSAS retains 95% of our faculty and staff every year. Class sizes are 18:1 on average and we work hard to engineer a school culture that is open, relational, and humanizing to the highest degree.

TSAS is an independent public charter school in which every student is welcomed as they are, known and valued for who they are, challenged to become a better version of themselves, encouraged in their efforts to become that person, and celebrated for their successes.