The Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences (TSAS) is a tuition-free public charter school in Tulsa, OK serving grades 6-12. Our mission is to provide a life-changing and life-preparing education for middle and high school students through innovative teaching methods focused on developing individuals, holistically.

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How Are Students Selected?

TSAS does not charge tuition, and as a public charter school, accepts all students who reside within TPS school district boundaries. However, total enrollment is limited, so when there are more applicants than can be accepted, a lottery open to the public determines new students. Every November, TSAS begins taking applications for the next school year. TSAS accepts 75 new 7th graders every year, and a much lower number in the other grades based on attrition. TSAS will lottery in a new class of 6th graders for the 2020-2021 school year, too.

How Are TSAS Classes Different from Traditional Classes?

TSAS offers four graduation plans for students. Each of these plans is called a “house” and can be better explained here. In addition to courses in English, Math, Science, and History within our Houses, TSAS offers a litany of engaging arts and enrichment courses such as; painting, drawing, 3D art, printmaking, jazz band, choir, drama, musical theater, speech, debate, cycling, cross country, journalism, digital photography, and darkroom photography.

The school year is divided into trimesters, and students take only five 70-minute classes per session. The extended class periods allow for a more in-depth look at ideas and concepts, and time to work together with teachers. TSAS students graduate with the skills and knowledge to pursue their dreams and make meaningful contributions to their community.

In addition to academic rigor and scholarship, TSAS emphasizes relationship and student well-being in every class. Each year, our end-of-year surveys place us in the top 5% of schools in Tulsa in these areas. On these surveys, our students certify that their teachers care about them, know when they are having a bad day, and have a strong desire to help them in any way possible. This level of relationship and care is a hallmark of TSAS culture, and is one of the reasons we are able to provide such a unique and meaningful education for our students.

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