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Photo of Dillon Hawkins
Dillon Hawkins
AP English Literature and Composition, Critical Communication, Introduction to Film Studies, Experimental Literature and Writing English

I am not an Oklahoma native: I grew up an hour outside of Washington, DC in a West Virginia tourist town catering the “city people,” but I have lived in Oklahoma for the past ten years, so I call Oklahoma (and Tulsa) home now.

I am an enthusiast of dogs, baseball, hockey, movies, music, and reading. I also have lots of hobbies. People often say that my hobby is collecting hobbies. For example, I collect vinyl and other “retro” media, in addition to comics and underground humor magazines, such as Mad and National Lampoon. I also like to play and study chess, bake, play disc golf, brew beer and soda, and play guitar and harmonica, while dabbling in banjo and mandolin.

I taught at the college level for ten years, but after working almost exclusively with high school students concurrently enrolled in college credit courses towards the end of my time as a professor, I realized that those were the students I wanted to work with every day. The college-preparatory-minded TSAS allows me to work with high school students and push their intellectual rigor—while still having fun!

Email: dhawkins@tsas.org

Room: 113 A

Pronouns: he/him

Educational Background:

    • Ph.D. in English (ABD), Oklahoma State University (pending)
    • M.A. in English, Oklahoma State University May 2014
    • B.S. in Mass Communication, Shepherd University
Photo of Wes Hill
Wes Hill
Freshman Seminar, Oklahoma History, US History, College & Career Head of House History

I am from OKC and love the Thunder and watching NBA games. My wife Lindsay and I enjoy drinking coffee at home and the local shops in town, as well as, working on our fixer upper.

I teach because I want the world to be a better for everyone and while our society loves to teach people what to think, it rarely teaches them how to think. At TSAS we are passionate about releasing thoughtful humans, into the world, capable of critical thinking and thus able to create a world that is a better place for all people.

Email: whill@tsas.org

Room: 114

Educational Background:

  • Bachelor of Science in Government from Oral Roberts University
  • Master of Arts in Education from Oral Roberts University
Photo of Kate Hughes
Kate Hughes
Middle school drama (6, 7, and 8) and Theatre Tech/Design Fine Arts

I have taught at children’s theatres and schools in three different countries. I am married and I have one dog named Daisy. I love singing, reading, gardening, napping, tinkering with language, and cooking.

I teach to empower young people, and thereby affect change in the world.

Email: khughes@tsas.org

Room: 310

Pronouns: She/Her

Educational Background:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Oklahoma City University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music from Oklahoma City University