This month, join TSAS in celebrating those in our school and broader community who share Hispanic and Latin American heritage. As a school, we will be highlighting people inside and outside our community this month as well as committing to deepening our processes of advocacy and allyship of Hispanic and Latinx folk at TSAS.

Since 2010, our demographic of Hispanic and Latinx students has grown substantially. We welcome this dimension of cultural and linguistic diversity and have implemented many processes and systems to welcome and support these families:

  • Data study to find trends in needed support for Hispanic and Latinx folk
  • Recruitment and hiring of representative faculty and staff
  • Bilingual signage and messaging at all levels
  • Paid stipends for staff employed to translate conversations and materials
  • Support and autonomy in curricular decisions that support Hispanic and Latinx folk

With these and other implemented actions of support and advocacy, we realize we have more to do and continue to be committed to, not just celebrating, but elevating and empowering our Hispanic and Latinx families. This month, join us in using the lists below to patronize businesses, work with local and national organizations, and engaging processes of self-education and growth:

TSAS Immigrant Resource Guide (created by TSAS 7th graders)

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