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Photo of Steven Okapal
Steven Okapal
Conceptual and Engineering physics, AP Physics, Astronomy, Philosophy, Head of House – STEM Science

I’m a Catholic raised Ohio boy taught to work for justice anywhere I see injustice. I know that while our souls and hearts must be our guide, we must hone our minds to make those dreams a reality. Oh, and I’m an Aquarius with my Pisces is in Venus, and I’ve been told that explains everything you need to know about me.

I teach because, to build a better world, we need critical thinking skills and scientific understanding helps reinforce those. Those that stand in the gap find it is not only lonely, but necessary. Since I find myself bridging LOTS of sections of existence, teaching science to the upcoming generation fits well in the effort to create a better world.

Email: sokapal@tsas.org

Room: 214

Education Background:

  • Bachelor of Science in Physics from The Ohio State University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from The Ohio State University
Photo of Joni Olsen
Joni Olsen
Encumbrance Clerk Office Staff

These are a few of my favorite things: vintage shopping, tennis, coffee, travel, cooking and poetry (David Whyte)

I do this work because I love being a part of this wonderful community that cultivates a culture of appreciation, care and expansive learning. I am honored to be apart of TSAS.

Email: finance@tsas.org

Room: 104 B

Education Background:

  • Bachelor of Science in Finance from Oral Roberts University
Photo of Suzan Ozkilic
Suzan Ozkilic
Intro. to Computer Science, Computer Programming, Mobile App Development, AP Computer Science Principles Science

I am an MIT master trainer in mobile education and write computer lesson extensions for a company. I learned programming in 1996. First programs I’ve learned were Basic and Pascal. I love computers, mostly programming. I have two little daughters and a great husband who is also an educator.

I teach because I want to prepare young brains for the future’s technology world. I also want to inspire them as a computer scientist.

Email: sdalgic@tsas.org

Room: 207 A

Education Background:

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Electronics from Suleyman Demirel Universitesi
  • Computer Programming from Hacettepe University
  • Master of Science in Computer Science and Cyber Security from North American University