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Photo of Emily Tackel
Emily Tackel
Algebra II, Precalculus, Trigonometry Math

Hello! My name is Emily Tackel. I am a first-generation college graduate from a small, rural town in southwest Oklahoma. In my spare time I love reading, Netflixing, and spending time with my loved ones. I am an avid sticker collector and passionate recycler. My dream is to live on the beach where I can grade papers with my feet in the sand.

I have wanted to be a teacher since I was old enough to go to school. I teach because it is my passion and my calling! Education is empowering and life-changing. I am here to prepare my students for any and all opportunities that life has for them. I teach math because I love the truth and consistency of numbers. Too often math is considered the “scary” subject that students shy away from. I want to empower my students to think about math in new ways and encourage them to see the beauty of math!

Email: etackel@tsas.org

Room: 207 A

Education Background:

  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education from Northeastern State University
Photo of Hector Torres
Hector Torres
Instrumental Music Fine Arts

I came to Tulsa when I was 9 years old from Colombia. I taught for three years in San Francisco as a Spanish bilingual 4/5th grade teacher while leading a modern band program at the school. I currently love doing street art, photography, traveling, exploring, learning, riding horses, and sk8boarding. Have a nice day.

Teaching is my humble attempt at tipping the scales of inequity. It’s up to this coming generation to put out the fire we started many years back before public education. As far as music, there is no better feeling in the world than playing music with friends. It’s truly a love language. I’m here to help kids find the magic in music while fomenting confidence, collaboration, creativity, empathy, and appreciation for the arts.

Email: htorres@tsas.org

Room: 123

Education Background

  • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Oklahoma State University
Photo of Jonathan Townsend
Jonathan Townsend
Executive Director Administration

I’m just a guy lucky enough to work with the best team in the city! #TeamTSAS. I am a Tulsa native and a descendent of Black Wall Street/Greenwood. I married a Chicago girl and together we parent a very energetic Siberian husky.

I first started in education as an elementary educator, and later I had the honor of advising the Mayor of Tulsa on education issues as a member of his administration. But the opportunity to lead TSAS is an honor unlike any other that I’ve ever had. I know that the students that we have in our building today are the world-changers of tomorrow. Don’t believe me? Just watch!

When I’m not at TSAS, I love to read, write, study languages, and watch sports on television.
Office: 104C
Education Background:
  • Bachelor of Arts in Government from Oral Roberts University
  • Master of Science in Educational Leadership Studies from Oklahoma State University
Photo of Colton Tucker
Colton Tucker
Director of Special Education Services Administration

My wife and I have two rescue critters: one senior cat (Grandma Kitty) and a mischievous long-hair dachshund (Harvey). I have a particular affinity for music, gardening and mountain biking. I also “enjoy” meaningful toil and tinkering around the house. As a heads up, I’ve never been particularly good at light conversation.

I believe that education done right is liberating and it’s with that notion I embarked on this journey. There is no discipline more in need of challenging exclusive and often dehumanizing practices than in special education. At TSAS, it is my dream -our collective dream- to build an inclusive education program that embraces the unique needs of our students and prioritizes togetherness in the classroom. That’s the labor I’m set out to do and why I choose to continue this work.

Email: ctucker@tsas.org

Room: 104 E

Education Background:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Oklahoma State University
  • Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Oklahoma
Photo of John Turner
John Turner
World History and U.S. History History

I am an avid movie watcher, book reader, and dog lover. I have a Corgi named Molly, who I love very much. I also enjoy traveling and experiencing new places.

I am an educator because I myself have a passion for learning. Everyday in the classroom my students provide me with a different perspective on any given topic. I believe that knowledge grants power and if I can give that to my students I have done my job; not only as a teacher but as a fellow human. Fortuna Eruditis Favet!

Email: jturner@tsas.org

Class Website: CLICK HERE

Room: 113 B

Education Background:

  • Master’s in American Studies from Northeastern State University
  • Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Tulsa
  • Certificate in Classical Studies from the University of Tulsa