Dillon Hawkins, Ph.D.

AP English Literature and Composition, Critical Communication, Introduction to Film Studies, Experimental Literature and Writing English
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Biographical Info

I am not an Oklahoma native: I grew up an hour outside of Washington, DC in a West Virginia tourist town catering the “city people,” but I have lived in Oklahoma for the past ten years, so I call Oklahoma (and Tulsa) home now.

I am an enthusiast of dogs, baseball, hockey, movies, music, and reading. I also have lots of hobbies. People often say that my hobby is collecting hobbies. For example, I collect vinyl and other “retro” media, in addition to comics and underground humor magazines, such as Mad and National Lampoon. I also like to play and study chess, bake, play disc golf, brew beer and soda, and play guitar and harmonica, while dabbling in banjo and mandolin.

I taught at the college level for ten years, but after working almost exclusively with high school students concurrently enrolled in college credit courses towards the end of my time as a professor, I realized that those were the students I wanted to work with every day. The college-preparatory-minded TSAS allows me to work with high school students and push their intellectual rigor—while still having fun!

Email: dhawkins@tsas.org

Room: 113 A

Pronouns: he/him

Educational Background:

    • Ph.D. in English (ABD), Oklahoma State University (pending)
    • M.A. in English, Oklahoma State University May 2014
    • B.S. in Mass Communication, Shepherd University
Categories: High School, Staff
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