Colton Tucker

Director of Special Education Services Administration
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My wife and I have two rescue critters: one senior cat (Grandma Kitty) and a mischievous long-hair dachshund (Harvey). I have a particular affinity for music, gardening and mountain biking. I also “enjoy” meaningful toil and tinkering around the house. As a heads up, I’ve never been particularly good at light conversation.

I believe that education done right is liberating and it’s with that notion I embarked on this journey. There is no discipline more in need of challenging exclusive and often dehumanizing practices than in special education. At TSAS, it is my dream -our collective dream- to build an inclusive education program that embraces the unique needs of our students and prioritizes togetherness in the classroom. That’s the labor I’m set out to do and why I choose to continue this work.


Room: 104 E

Education Background:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Oklahoma State University
  • Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Oklahoma
Categories: Leadership, Staff
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