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As a member of the TSAS family I believe that what we are doing at this school is incredible. Being an alumni I was able to experience TSAS from a different perspective when I attended this school. Although teachers have moved on and new faces have begun teaching over the years, even though buildings have changed from one to the next, TSAS as a whole has the same energy, the same heart and the same goal; to put students first. Every single staff member goes above and beyond to encourage a safe and positive environment for students to truly stretch out and explore their own identities and to really harbor a desire to learn and apply this knowledge in their daily lives. No matter who you are, you are welcomed and appreciated at TSAS. Our staff members are the face of this school. They continually put the needs of each individual student first and continually push them towards a better future. I am proud to be apart of the TSAS family.

I teach because I myself love learning, when you teach others they will continually teach you back. Being a part of a community that values the growth of not only students, but themselves as teachers as well, is why I love to teach at TSAS. It’s wonderful knowing that I can make a direct impact and help widen the horizon for so many minds, that I can encourage growth and creativity just like my students and fellow teachers do for me. Knowledge is a shared cycle and I am happy to be a part of that in whatever capacity possible.


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Room: 109 A

Education Background: Fine Arts and Anthropology from Fort Lewis College

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