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Photo of Emily Brinton
Emily Brinton
Special Education Support


Joined: 2017

Education: Northeastern State University (Tahlequah, OK) – Bachelor of Science in Education and Tulsa Community College – Associate in Arts

Why TSAS? I knew from the first moments of walking into TSAS that this is a special place. I was drawn to the acceptance of individuality while cultivating an environment allowing students and staff to flourish. I had heard of TSAS’s reputation for being a magnificent place for all who are a part of it, and really wanted an opportunity to join. Since joining, TSAS has lived up to its reputation and I feel lucky to be a part of such a wonderful family.

Interesting Facts: I spent my kindergarten and 5th grade year in German public schools and can speak German fluently. My main hobbies are hiking, camping, gardening, and cooking. I also enjoy Kayaking, motorcycles, fishing, and horseback riding. When I retire, I hope to open an animal sanctuary. My only broken bone has been my cheek when I was smacked by a horse hoof causing 3 breaks and 4 cracks across my cheekbone.

Photo of Derek Fisher
Derek Fisher
Paraprofessional Support


Joined: 2018

Education: Camp Robinson Army National Guard GED Plus Program, and Special Education Para Professional Certified

Why TSAS? I chose TSAS because I believe in how we conduct and perform our duties as teachers and principals helping students learn & interact while preparing them for life beyond their graduation.

Interesting Facts: I have obtained a diploma with/and served in the US Army. In addition, I conduct certified personal training for sports & occupational therapy. I have been working with autistic children all my life, and am pleased to now be a certified paraprofessional with the greatest school ever, TSAS! I am also an active group leader for LifeChurch.

Photo of Kelly Morgan
Kelly Morgan
Paraprofessional Support


Joined: 2018

College: University of Louisville with a Bachelor’s of Music in Music Therapy – Board Certified Music Therapist

Why TSAS? I chose TSAS because of the wonderful supportive teachers, administration, and other staff as well as the opportunities for personal and academic growth offered to students here. I see that students are consistently welcomed and their thoughts are truly heard!

Interesting Facts: I love to hike, cook, and enjoy music with friends and strangers alike. A notable accomplishment of mine is that I piloted a new NICU Music Therapy program during an internship at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. When I’m not at work, you will most likely find me at home with my cats.

Photo of Maria Rozell
Maria Rozell
Counselor (contracted) Support


Joined: 2019

College: Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Oklahoma State University, and Master’s of Education Psychology from Northeastern State University.

About Me: I look forward to going to work every day to assist the students of TSAS. I enjoy traveling, gardening, and reading. I am married and have a son who attends my alma mater, OSU. We have two cats, and one dog. I dream of living on a small acreage of land, keeping bees, and growing organic fruits and vegetables.


Photo of Colton Tucker
Colton Tucker
Special Education Support


Joined: 2018

College: Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Oklahoma State University

Why TSAS? I chose TSAS due to its emphasis on the liberal arts as well as the level of autonomy granted to both its students and faculty. I was further impressed by the amount of electives, clubs, and extracurricular activities available to the students.

Interesting Facts: Alongside being a serial hobbyist, I have been playing guitar and singing/songwriting for over 12 years. I also enjoy transition skateboarding, longboarding, and extended road trips.