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Photo of Caleb Beavers
Caleb Beavers
World Geography History


Joined: 2017

College: University of Central Oklahoma, Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal Communication

Why TSAS? I wanted to work at TSAS because all the kids I’ve ever met that went to school here reminded me of the people I actively sought out in my teenage years: Creative, compassionate and open to many paths in life.

Interesting Fact: I think cornbread is gross. I think cornbread dipped in milk is extra gross.

Photo of Wes Hill
Wes Hill
Government, Oklahoma History, World History History


Joined: 2019

College: Oral Roberts University Master of Arts in Education and Bachelor of Science in Government

Why TSAS? I love the unique culture of TSAS – the administration, the faculty, the students! It a privilege to be apart of such an incredible place!

Interesting Facts: I spend most of my free time hanging out in coffee shops around Tulsa or watching the OKC Thunder (NBA) with my wife Lindsay!

Photo of Tyler Kinshella
Tyler Kinshella
U.S. History History


Joined: 2016

College: MA in History and BA in Political Science from the University of Tulsa

Why TSAS?: I believe in the overarching principle of TSAS – that education can be dignifying and every student deserves that opportunity.

Interesting Fact: I’m married to my wonderful wife, and we have 1 four-legged canine friend. I spend my free time being a DJ for weddings.

Photo of Victoria Murphy
Victoria Murphy
U.S. History, Women’s Studies History

Joined: 2014

College:  Central Texas State University and St. Edward’s University

Why TSAS? I worked in public history and education on the programming side for many years and learned a lot about what constitutes educational excellence. After a long term substitute teaching assignment at TSAS in 2012 I knew that teaching here would be my dream job, and it is. TSAS gives teachers the freedom develop innovative and challenging curriculum and the students are awesome!

Interesting Fact:  I’m an army brat and married a peripatetic historian so, as Johnny Cash says, “I’ve been everywhere, man.” I’ve lived in two countries and eleven states and travel every change I get.

Photo of John Turner
John Turner
Government, History History


Joined: 2019

College: Bachelor of Arts in History and Certificate in Classical Studies from the University of Tulsa.

Why TSAS? I chose TSAS because of the atmosphere and the unique oppurtunities provided to students and faculty. The faculty to student ratio is ideal and the support system that teachers get is out of this world!

Interesting Facts: I am an avid horseman, reader, and movie watcher. On the weekends you will find on the front porch with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.