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Photo of Caleb Beavers
Caleb Beavers
World Geography History


Joined: 2017

College: University of Central Oklahoma, Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal Communication

Why TSAS? I wanted to work at TSAS because all the kids I’ve ever met that went to school here reminded me of the people I actively sought out in my teenage years: Creative, compassionate and open to many paths in life.

Interesting Fact: I think cornbread is gross. I think cornbread dipped in milk is extra gross.

Photo of Alyssa Doty
Alyssa Doty
Government, Oklahoma History, Freshman Seminar History


Joined: 2017

College: Oklahoma Baptist University – Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, Religion and Foreign Languages, and University of Colorado – Master of Arts in Medical Anthropology

Why TSAS? I chose to teach at TSAS for purely selfish reasons: I get to work with a great group of colleagues, teach what I love, and collaborate with students in their learning process. I love that my job now allows me to read great books and research fascinating topics.

Interesting Facts: I grew up on an island off the coast of Venezuela and lived in Central and South America for 13 years. I have traveled to five of the seven continents and hope one day to make it to Australia as well (but not Antarctica because I don’t deal too well with the cold).


Photo of Tyler Kinshella
Tyler Kinshella
U.S. History History


Joined: 2016

College: MA in History and BA in Political Science from the University of Tulsa

Why TSAS?: I believe in the overarching principle of TSAS – that education can be dignifying and every student deserves that opportunity.

Interesting Fact: I’m married to my wonderful wife, and we have 1 four-legged canine friend. I spend my free time being a DJ for weddings.

Photo of Victoria Murphy
Victoria Murphy
U.S. History, Women’s Studies History

Joined: 2014

College:  Central Texas State University and St. Edward’s University

Why TSAS? I worked in public history and education on the programming side for many years and learned a lot about what constitutes educational excellence. After a long term substitute teaching assignment at TSAS in 2012 I knew that teaching here would be my dream job, and it is. TSAS gives teachers the freedom develop innovative and challenging curriculum and the students are awesome!

Interesting Fact:  I’m an army brat and married a peripatetic historian so, as Johnny Cash says, “I’ve been everywhere, man.” I’ve lived in two countries and eleven states and travel every change I get.

Photo of Mary Suliburk
Mary Suliburk
World History, Freshman Seminar History


Joined: 2018

College: University of Oklahoma, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science; Oklahoma State University, International Political Economic Theories; New York University, MS in Global Affairs

Why TSAS? Both the caliber of academic excellence and the outstanding community that defines TSAS.

Interesting Facts: I lived in NYC for 10 years; I had the tremendous honor of completing a degree from NYU and working for an international human rights lawyer with the United Nations. Let’s Go METS!