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Photo of Ademola Adeyemi
Ademola Adeyemi
Algebra II, Calculus, Trig
Joined: 2014
Photo of Rebecca Block
Rebecca Block
Joined: 2007 College Info: Oklahoma City University, Bachelor of Science in Biology and Secondary Education Why did you choose TSAS? The opportunity to teach here presented itself at the perfect time, and I have enjoyed working here ever since!
Photo of Todd Brumfield
Todd Brumfield
Joined: 2007 College Info: Northeastern State University Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Graduated Cum Laude Why did you choose TSAS? Finished a one year contract working for IBM at Williams Company. A friend of mine knew Eric Doss and informed me that TSAS was looking for a computer teacher.
Photo of Eric Doss
Eric Doss
Joined: 2002 College Info: Bachelor of Music Education;  Southwestern Oklahoma State University Masters of Education in  Educational Administration, Curriculum, and Supervision; the University of Oklahoma Why did you choose TSAS? TSAS was unlike any school I had ever seen; I wanted to be a part of the environment and talked Dr. Lee into hiring me. Other: I am married to Rachel and have two lovely daughters.
Photo of Rachel Doss
Rachel Doss
French and English
Foreign Language
Joined: 2001 College Info: BS in Foreign Language Education (French) Oklahoma State University Why did you choose TSAS? I really liked the idea of a smaller school formed entirely by teachers. Other: I love TSAS!
Photo of Jenny Dungan
Jenny Dungan
Athletic Director, Cross Country Coach, Health and Wellness
I have been the Health and Fitness Instructor since 2004.  I had one class of 15 students back then.  I now teach three classes with 30 students each and during the fall trimester I coach the cross country team with 17 members.  I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years.  I've competed in a marathon, triathlons, half marathons, 15, 10 and 5K's.  I'm certified in pilates, yoga, spin (indoor cycling), group exercise and personal training. I am also a NFHS certified coach.   I've been married for over 25 years to John and we have two daughters, Lottie a freshman at OSU and Lily a junior at Jenks. My passion is passing on my love of fitness to high school kids in an unconventional way and TSAS allows me to do that!
My favorite quote is from John F. Kennedy:  "Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity."
Photo of Kathy Evanson
Kathy Evanson
Special Education Director
Photo of Kelly Foshee
Kelly Foshee
Teaching Artist
Fine Arts
Joined: 2006 College Info: University of Tulsa-- Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1998 University of Tulsa-- Certificate in Museum Studies, 2000 University of Tulsa-- Master of Fine Arts, 2002 Tulsa Community College-- Certificate in Italian Language Studies, 2002 Why did you choose TSAS?  Because I wanted a school where I was free to develop my own curriculum that was free from the constraints of traditional schools, and focused on encouraging the growth of students in their creative life. This school values the benefits of an all-around education in which art is seen as an essential tool for the development of both the student's critical thinking and creative problem solving skills. Other: In his 87th year, Michelangelo inscribed on a sketch the words 'Ancora Imparo'-- Italian for 'I am still learning'. It's a reminder that learning is a life-long pursuit, and we're never truly finished. I have also taught at the Philbrook Museum of Art for the last 10 years, and live with two dogs, a cat who thinks he's a dog, Gus, and my husband, Aaron.
Photo of Marilyn Gates
Marilyn Gates
Musical Theater
Fine Arts
Joined: 2009 College Info: American Conservatory Theatre Bachelor of Arts (not from ACT) Why did you choose TSAS? Thoroughly impressed with TSAS's culture, mission and values and the opportunity to enjoy educating students while creating an environment in which they want to learn. Other: Eternally married to Roy, with whom I went to high school but the school was so big, I never met him there!
Photo of Amanda Hahn
Amanda Hahn
Foreign Language
Joined: 2008 College Info: Bachelor of Arts in English and Spanish from The University of Tulsa Why did you choose TSAS? I love teaching at TSAS because the environment is personal, friendly, and open, and the teachers and students have good rapport with one another, which I believe is a much-needed foundation to support genuine learning. Other: I studied abroad in Seville, Spain, and taught English as a Foreign Language in Trujillo, Peru. I recently came across a great motto by Dorothy Sayers that says, "The sole true end of education is simply this: to teach men how to learn for themselves." I agree!
Photo of Dan Hahn
Dan Hahn
Freshman and Sophomore English, Dean of Students
Joined: 2011 College Info: Bachelor of Arts in English Education from Northeastern State University Why did you choose TSAS? To work in an environment where importance is placed on the individual. I believe that whether it is the individual teacher or student, a person's strengths, weaknesses, and idiosyncrasies must be considered to ensure success for that person. I believe that TSAS is a place where that philosophy is put into practice to help students and teachers work together for success as individuals and within the TSAS community. Other: My passions are music, family, and laundry.
Photo of Kathy Hahn
Kathy Hahn
Geometry, Personal Finance
Joined: 2012
Photo of Mary Hawkins
Mary Hawkins
Counselor/ Special Ed Liason
Joined: 2012
Photo of Jennifer Hughes
Jennifer Hughes
Government, Economics
Joined: 2009 College Info: University of Oklahoma-History and Communications State University of New York School of Law- Juris Doctorate and LLM State University of New York- PhD pending in Sociology with a criminology emphasis Why did you choose TSAS?   I truly believed when I came on staff and I still do today that TSAS treats students' as individuals with unique needs.  From day one the students see themselves as important and part of the TSAS family and they pay that forward by respecting one another in a way rarely seen at the High School level. The school does not take a one size fits all approach and the faculty, Board of Directors and parents go above and beyond to ensure that every student has the opportunity to be successful during their high school career and with their post graduate plans.  Other: A little about me..... I have five beautiful children, Kaitlyn (19), Kyle (16), Kevin (14), Jacob (11) and Baileigh (1), a dog named Emmet and I enjoy reading, cooking, dancing and traveling.
Photo of Amber Ingram
Amber Ingram
Algebra I
Joined: 2007 College Info: Tarkio College, Tarkio, MO:  B.S. in mathematics, Summa Cum Laude Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA:  graduate work in math education/teaching fellow Why did you choose TSAS? At the time, TSAS needed an adjunct math teacher.  I was only wanting to teach part time as I had young children at home. Other:  Married and mother to three boys; loves teaching at TSAS; loves puns and never shies away from using them in the classroom; thinks life is what you make of it.
Photo of Suzanne Johnson
Suzanne Johnson
Joined: 2010 College Info: After graduating from the University of Tulsa with a BS in Health Sciences, I received my certification in medical technology with an emphasis in microbiology. Why did you choose TSAS? I love every element of this great school:  the faculty and staff, the students, and most importantly the mission and vision of TSAS.   Other: When not at home with my husband Bruce, kids Katie (TSAS class of 2007) and Ian (TSAS class of 2011), and dogs, I live for exploring God's country by Jeep, especially the San Juan Mountains of Colorado.
Photo of Amy Knight
Amy Knight
Joined: 2013
Photo of Cindy Lance
Cindy Lance
Joined: 2013
Photo of Suzanne Lee
Suzanne Lee
AP US History, Ancient and Medieval History, and Psychology
Joined: I helped write the charter in 2000   College Info: AB  from Washington University in St. Louis masters in education ( with an emphasis on gifted ed) from the University of Tulsa masters in history from the University of Tulsa Ed.D. from Oklahoma State Why did you choose TSAS? Proud that TSAS chose me. Other:  Three kids: one  is an electrical engineer, one a CPA, and one an M.D.  Five grandchildren.  Married 43 years..........
Photo of Adriana Lopez
Adriana Lopez
Joined: 2011 College Info: Tulsa Community College-Associates in Liberal Arts Why did you choose TSAS? Inspiring teachers and wonderful staff. Other: "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?" ~ Rabbi Hillel
Photo of Steve Merrick
Steve Merrick
Joined: 2013
Photo of Victoria Murphy
Victoria Murphy
US History
Photo of Libby Nash
Libby Nash
Finance/ Child Nutrition
Photo of Steven Okapal
Steven Okapal
Physics, Philosophy
Joined: 2007 College Info: The Ohio State University B.A. in Philosophy B.S. in Physics Why did you choose TSAS? The ability to teach Physics to everyone without the "Math Shield". Also the lure of teaching a Philosophy class to high school students. Other: The secret to happiness: Learn to love and enjoy making the world a better place.
Photo of Suzanne Sandoval
Suzanne Sandoval
Algebra II
Joined: 2003 College Info: BS in Mathematics from the University of Texas MS in teaching college mathematics from the Northeastern University Why did you choose TSAS? Well to be honest,when I was offered the job, I chose it over another offer because it was closest to my home. The real question is, "Why have I stayed?" for 7 1/2 years. I think TSAS is a great school and is getting better with each passing year. The teachers and administrators have a great working relationship. Teachers are free to suggest new ideas for the school and try new techniques in their classrooms so the education is always improving. Other: I am married and have 3 grown children. My hobbies are knitting and gardening.
Photo of Daniel Sharples
Daniel Sharples
World Studies, World History
Photo of Jennifer Sherman
Jennifer Sherman
Joined: 2012
Photo of Mike Sisco
Mike Sisco
Jazz, Music Theory
Fine Arts
Joined: 2013
Photo of Angela Smetana
Angela Smetana
Joined: 2013
Photo of Liesa Smith
Liesa Smith
Joined: 2002 & 2009 College Info: TCC - Associates Degree : Fine Art TU - Bachelors Degree : English, Education and Fine Art NSU - Masters Degree : School Administration OSU - Doctorate in progress : Curriculum Studies Why did you choose TSAS? I choose to work at TSAS because it is a learning community focused on the potential and achievement of each individual student.  The teachers at TSAS care about each student's academic growth as well as their human journey.  On an almost daily basis I am amazed at how our relational environment is supportive and encouraging to both the students and the faculty.  Our school community is made up of people at every level of involvement that care deeply about intellectual pursuits, creativity, innovation and humanity.There's no place like TSAS and I am honored to work here.  Other: I have 4 kids. The oldest three attend TSAS. I love to cook and read, and really wish I had more time to garden and explore all kinds of artistic pursuits. I enjoy good conversation, coffee, dogs, fishing and the great outdoors.
Photo of Ellen Stackable
Ellen Stackable
World Studies, AP English Literature, Advanced Composition
Joined: 2001 College Info: B.S.E. from the University of Nebraska in English and German Graduate work at the University of Oklahoma  Why did you choose TSAS? In the summer of 2001, I came to an informational meeting before the school ever began. I had a son who was going into ninth grade and I was interested in TSAS. After hearing about the school, I was convinced that my son should go there and I wanted to teach there as well. All three of my children ended up going to TSAS and graduating, and I have had the privilege of teaching here since it began. I can't think of anywhere I would rather be. Other: I love baking bread, doing crosswords, hiking, biking, and rock climbing. My favorite place to grade papers is at Doubleshot Coffee, sitting at a big table with my colleagues from TSAS. I have been married 28 years and have three wonderful children and one lovely daughter-in-law. A few of my favorite authors: John Donne, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Elizabeth Goudge.
Photo of Jesse Stallings
Jesse Stallings
Joined: 2007 College Info: B.A. Liberal Arts, Rogers State University Why did you choose TSAS? Choice. Not only do our students choose to attend TSAS, but teachers are afforded the opportunity to make the best decisions for their education. This coupled with an insightful and supportive group of colleagues who are dedicated to developing themselves and their peers, makes for a community enriching like no other.
Photo of Alice Wang
Alice Wang
Foreign Language
Joined: 2013
Photo of Mark Wittig
Mark Wittig
Fine Arts
Joined: 2002    College Info: I have a Bachelor of Architecture with a Minor in Painting from the University of Arkansas, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing & Photography with a Minor in Art History from The University of Tulsa and a Master of Fine Arts in Open Media & Photography from The University of Tulsa. Why did you choose TSAS? I work at TSAS because I can ask the students to open themselves up and create art that is personal and about something bigger themselves. In the conclusion of Michel Foucault’s book, Madness and Civilization, he writes, “a work of art opens a void, a moment of silence, a question without answers, provokes a breach without reconciliation where the world is forced to question itself.” TSAS is a place where these words live true every day. Other:  In 2010 my multi discipline art work The Morning Paper was part of Revealing Culture, an international juried exhibition by artists with disabilities. The exhibition was organized by VSA Arts and was at the Smithsonian Institute’s International Gallery in Washington, DC. VSA Arts (formerly known as Very Special Artist) integrates artists with disabilities into a wider cultural community and seeks to create greater dialogue and promotes full and equal access for a community that is not disabled but a deviation from the norm.

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