A 2015 National Blue Ribbon School



TSAS students become lifelong learners who succeed in higher education, work and life in a global society.

Our Students 

Previous-Schools-2015-09-10-08-21-28.pngTSAS students come from every zip code in Tulsa and 30 different schools: private, public charter, traditional public, virtual, and homeschool.

Open Enrollment

noStudents must live within the boundaries of the Tulsa Public School district
New students selected by a random lottery.

Our Culture

  • 18:1 average class size
  • Rigorous, college preparatory curriculum
  • Respectful, relational atmosphere

Student Body

43% Qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch
9% Native American - 2% Asian
11% Black/African American - 9% Hispanic
8% Multiracial - 61% White


lowest college remediation rate of any public school in Tulsa County.
2015 graduates ACT average is 22.5, the second highest in Tulsa!
2015 State Gradecard

New Building and New Grades

In June, TSAS and the Tulsa Public Schools announced that TSAS will move to the Roosevelt building in historic Owen Park and begin a 7th grade class in the 2016-2017 school year.

The application process for our 7th grade will work as it does for our other grades, we will begin taking applications in the middle of November and all applications will be due February 12th at 4:15pm. Our lottery will take place on February 16th at 3:30 and each grade will be drawn separately, sibling preference will also be in effect for siblings of currently enrolled students. Because we are beginning the 7th grade this year, we will not be able to offer shadowing for those students. We will have special meetings for students and parents on November 12th and January 14th at 6:30pm at the current school building.

Alumni Quotes

I never really fit in anywhere until I came to TSAS. They accepted me and all of my eccentricities and showed me just how diverse the world is – not to mention they gave me one of the best pre-college educations out there!

— Corie Melaugh

What Makes TSAS Different?

Our Core Beliefs


We believe learning is a process in which all can participate and succeed

Liberal Arts

We believe liberal arts education is the foundation for developing successful lifelong learners.


We believe our community should foster the intellectual, emotional, and physical well-being of each student.

Learning Environment

We believe in creating a supportive and responsive learning environment with high standards and expectations for all students which compels them to be active participants in their own education.


We believe diversity should be welcomed for the strength it brings to the education of all members of our community.


We believe our core strength is passionate, highly-qualified, professional faculty, who provide dynamic, rewarding and individualized learning experiences for students.


We believe in promoting accountable and effective school leadership via inclusive and collaborative governance and administrative practices.


We believe all TSAS community members have a responsibility to secure abundant, appropriate resources to support and sustain it.