Dear TSAS Community,

As we await legislative action on improving funding for Oklahoma schools and teachers, it is looking more and more like a large-scale teacher walkout will happen beginning Monday, April 2nd.  The walkout will result in a suspension of TSAS classes for many days or perhaps weeks. During this time, we want to be completely transparent with what a teacher walkout will mean for our school and all stakeholders within the TSAS community.

In the event of a walkout, TSAS will suspend all classes. A suspension of classes will look as follows:

    • TSAS will suspend all regularly-scheduled classes for the duration that Tulsa Public Schools so chooses.
    • The TSAS building will be open weekdays from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm to provide a free lunch to students.  No other activities will be provided during this time.
    • This free brown-bag lunch will be a TSAS community effort. All food for this effort must be furnished by donations from the TSAS community. Families and community members are invited to start bringing the following items to school to be stored and used for student lunches during the walkout:
    • Bread
    • Peanut butter
    • Jelly, jams and preserves or honey
    • Assorted fruits
    • Individual serving snacks and chips
    • Water bottles
    • Plastic zipper sandwich bags, paper towels.
  • Only TSAS students and staff will be allowed in the building during this 2-hour lunch time.
  • Lunches will be prepared in the cafeteria which will be the only part of the TSAS building open to students or staff.
  • All entrances and exits to the TSAS building must take place through the west cafeteria door that opens into the courtyard parking.  A sign-in log will be kept to track student participation.
  • Teachers are free to come and help prepare/serve lunch if they like, as well as be with students during that 2-hour period.
  • For information about extracurricular activities, contact each activity’s sponsor directly via email during contract hours.

As far as the end of the school year goes with respect to the possibility of added days, TSAS has 10 school days banked. If the strike lasts longer than 10 days, we will begin adding days (one for one) to the end of the year.  The date of the graduation ceremony will not be changed. Additional academic resources for at home independent study will be made available in the days ahead.

All of these plans are subject to change, and we will continue to communicate with our school community as we know more and this action unfolds. There is no hidden or insider information that is being withheld.

TSAS is not mandating that teachers or families travel to the capitol every day.  We encourage every member of the TSAS community to do their part in voicing their concerns with the inadequate educational funding in Oklahoma in the way(s) they see fit.  We respect and honor all forms of observance of the walkout and would encourage all members of our school family to do the same.

We have every hope that this period of protest will result in a better educational climate in our state, better lives for our teachers, better learning for our students, and a stronger democracy for all. All questions should be directed via email to


TSAS Administration Staff

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