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Photo of Kevin Couch
Kevin Couch
Jazz Band Performing Arts


Joined: 2017

College: Bachelor of Science in Education – Music, University of Arkansas, and Master of Education in Administration, Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Why TSAS?I have been excited to be at TSAS for the past two years. I wanted an opportunity to develop students as musicians as well as help them find themselves through music. TSAS presents all of its teachers with the freedom to develop their curriculum in a way that best suits the teacher and the student. It is a unique and wonderful place to be both as an educator and a student!

Interesting Facts:I have traveled around the world playing music and working with wonderful musicians. Because I had the opportunity to study music, I have been able to do so many wonderful things that have enriched my life both through teaching and performing. I am also an avid gardener and I am working toward becoming a master gardener. I am researching ways to connect music and agriculture to develop healthier and more productive plants.

Photo of Marilyn Gates
Marilyn Gates
Musical Theater, Acting Performing Arts

Joined: 2009

College: American Conservatory Theatre Bachelor of Arts (not from ACT)

Why TSAS?: I was aware of its excellent reputation, and knew the school’s environment and goals for student learning were what I wanted to be a part of. More importantly, I’ve stayed at TSAS for eleven years because it has exceeded my hopes and expectations in providing an incredible learning process for all. The mutual respect and relationships formed between students, faculty, administration, and the entire staff all work together to build better futures for our kids and improve the world we live in!

Photo of Kate Hughes
Kate Hughes
Speech and Debate, Choir Performing Arts


Joined: 2016

College: Oklahoma City University, BA in Theatre Performance / BA in Music

Why TSAS?: I’m from the Tulsa area (even though I moved away for 10 years) and I had admired TSAS from afar for a long time – TSAS alums I’ve met are so well-rounded, and none of them can stop talking about how great their high school was. Once I started teaching here, I understood what all the hype was about!

Interesting Fact: I enjoy puns.

Photo of Stephen Place
Stephen Place
Health and Wellness, Cross Country, Yoga, Cycling Performing Arts


Joined: 2016

College: Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from University of Tulsa, League of American Bicyclists

Why TSAS? It is the most community-centered school I have ever stepped foot in and the family atmosphere runs deep. Teaching runs in my blood but I’ve been looking for this home and open atmosphere for a while. I’ve taught a few classes here in the past but I’m so glad to finally call TSAS home!

Interesting Facts: I was born and raised in Denton, Texas and am a lover of all things bike, a well as music (especially metal). I have the most wonderful family in my wife Arianna and two little loves Julian and Evie <3 I have a deep love for cultivating the self – mind, body and spirit. My goal is to open the door of possibilities and let students lead from there.