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Photo of Jeffery Donaldson
Jeffery Donaldson
Sophomore English, Senior English English


Joined: 2018

College: Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Oral Roberts University

Why TSAS? I prize the value TSAS places on a liberal arts education and their mission to help all students achieve their personal goals.

Interesting Facts: My teaching career began in China in 1987. Three years later, at the American Academy in Istanbul, Turkey, I adopted my life’s motto: “I want to dance with the whole world!” I have been devoted to my partner in life for nearly 30 years, the last 18 of those in our little home on the river bend near downtown Tulsa.

Photo of Ebony Dorsey
Ebony Dorsey
English Language Arts English


Joined: 2016

College: Bachelor of Arts in English Education from Northeastern State University, and Master of Science in Teaching, Learning, and Leadership – Reading and Literacy Emphasis – from Oklahoma State University.

Why TSAS? TSAS is a different place, and I wanted to experience that! I also have a passion for middle school students and I wanted to get back to that! TSAS + middle schoolers = a magical carpet ride!

Interesting Fact: There is a 20-year age difference between my older sister and myself!

Photo of Tangela Ekhoff
Tangela Ekhoff
Freshman English and Composition English


Joined: 2018

College: Auburn University B.S. in Education, and Auburn University – Montgomery M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary Education

Why TSAS?I have searched for a school like TSAS as both a parent and a teacher. I love that we are a “good human” workshop. I am so fortunate that my sons are educated by well-rounded, kind teachers who are experts in their field and cool people. I am thrilled to teach here, too. TSAS is home.

Interesting Fact:I was born on a U.S. military base in a country that no longer exists.

Photo of Angela Hudson
Angela Hudson
Junior and Senior English, AP Lang. English

Joined: 2013

College: Oklahoma State University

Why TSAS? As I entered the field of education, I knew I wanted to teach in an environment that nurtured the student as a whole person rather than just a statistic. TSAS is the embodiment of all I believe education to be: individually focused and community minded.

Interesting Fact: I read magazines backward.

Photo of Korie Johnson
Korie Johnson
English 2, Mythology, Creative Writing English


Joined: 2019

College: Bachelor of Arts in History from Colorado Mesa University and Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Wyoming

Why TSAS? When I moved to Tulsa, I was surprised to find a school committed to Liberal Arts education. That in its self is rare and inspiring. Since, I’ve admired the work that TSAS does to build and maintain an enriching learning community for students. I want to be a part of that work.

Interesting Facts: I have no sense of time and often have multiple alarms set on my phone. I’m into making birthday cakes for friends and family. Some might say that I can be indecisive, but I would say that I consider all options. I spend most of my time with my family and I think they’re great.



Photo of Peter Myers
Peter Myers
8th Grade English Language Arts English


Joined: 2018

College: John Brown University, Bachelor’s of Arts in English

Why TSAS? I chose TSAS for the environment of student-focused learning that it creates. TSAS seems to be a place where students are truly put before everything else.

Interesting Facts: I love reading, writing, good stories, and board games!