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Photo of Dan Hahn
Dan Hahn
Middle Grades Principal Administration

Joined: 2011

College: Bachelor of Arts in English Education from Northeastern State University and a Master’s of Education in Educational Administration from the University of Oklahoma

Why TSAS? I work with students because they give me life, make me better, and help me know and love my world more profoundly than I ever could without them. I choose to do this at TSAS because TSAS is a school where every adult and student is profoundly known and valued. TSAS students are the kind of people our world needs as neighbors, doctors, artists, politicians, servers, inventors, thinkers, and friends.   

Interesting Fact: My family; Amanda, Adrian, and David are beautiful and sensational. Aside from working at the best school in the world, I watch a lot of TV, eat a lot of food, read a lot of books, referee adult soccer, and work on my house.


Photo of Jarron Harbert
Jarron Harbert
Facilities and Maintenance

Joined: 2012

Photo of Stephanie Heiliger
Stephanie Heiliger
Algebra II, Personal Finance, Pre-Calculus Math


Joined: 2016

College: Northeastern State University: Bachelor of Science (Mathematics Education) and University of Oklahoma: Master’s of Science (Teaching, Learning, and Leadership)

Why TSAS?: I believe every student is capable of succeeding in mathematics. It is my goal to encourage students in their ability and hopefully help them to find a love of mathematics.

Interesting Fact: I have two beautiful children that both have blonde hair and blue eyes.

Photo of Wes Hill
Wes Hill
Government, Oklahoma History, World History History


Joined: 2019

College: Oral Roberts University Master of Arts in Education and Bachelor of Science in Government

Why TSAS? I love the unique culture of TSAS – the administration, the faculty, the students! It a privilege to be apart of such an incredible place!

Interesting Facts: I spend most of my free time hanging out in coffee shops around Tulsa or watching the OKC Thunder (NBA) with my wife Lindsay!

Photo of Angela Hudson
Angela Hudson
Junior and Senior English, AP Lang. English

Joined: 2013

College: Oklahoma State University

Why TSAS? As I entered the field of education, I knew I wanted to teach in an environment that nurtured the student as a whole person rather than just a statistic. TSAS is the embodiment of all I believe education to be: individually focused and community minded.

Interesting Fact: I read magazines backward.

Photo of Kate Hughes
Kate Hughes
Speech and Debate, Choir Performing Arts


Joined: 2016

College: Oklahoma City University, BA in Theatre Performance / BA in Music

Why TSAS?: I’m from the Tulsa area (even though I moved away for 10 years) and I had admired TSAS from afar for a long time – TSAS alums I’ve met are so well-rounded, and none of them can stop talking about how great their high school was. Once I started teaching here, I understood what all the hype was about!

Interesting Fact: I enjoy puns.