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Photo of Caleb Beavers
Caleb Beavers
World Geography History


Joined: 2017

College: University of Central Oklahoma, Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal Communication

Why TSAS? I wanted to work at TSAS because all the kids I’ve ever met that went to school here reminded me of the people I actively sought out in my teenage years: Creative, compassionate and open to many paths in life.

Interesting Fact: I think cornbread is gross. I think cornbread dipped in milk is extra gross.

Photo of Jackie Brewer
Jackie Brewer
Biology, Horticulture, Anatomy Science

Joined: 2015

College: College of Santa Fe, Art Therapy. Oklahoma State University, Bachelor of Science: Horticultural Science. Northeastern State University, Master of Education: Science Education (In progress)

Why TSAS? It was my first and top choice! I absolutely love the unique diversity of the staff and students. The TSAS mission reflects what I believe education should create within our community- life long learners. By encouraging students to approach problem solving creatively, respect individual values and actively engage I feel our school promotes a holistic approach to education and learning. I am so proud to be part of the TSAS family!

Interesting fact(s): My husband and I have a 10-acre farm called ‘Blackberry Burro’ that we purchased in 2017. Our land will soon be occupied by our 5 donkeys, 3 goats, 18 hens, 3 dogs, 3 beehives and a 1973 Airstream as we continue to build our home. I love to cook and create for others. I was a horticulturist at the Tulsa Zoo prior to teaching at TSAS.

Photo of Emily Brinton
Emily Brinton
Special Education Support


Joined: 2017

Education: Northeastern State University (Tahlequah, OK) – Bachelor of Science in Education and Tulsa Community College – Associate in Arts

Why TSAS? I knew from the first moments of walking into TSAS that this is a special place. I was drawn to the acceptance of individuality while cultivating an environment allowing students and staff to flourish. I had heard of TSAS’s reputation for being a magnificent place for all who are a part of it, and really wanted an opportunity to join. Since joining, TSAS has lived up to its reputation and I feel lucky to be a part of such a wonderful family.

Interesting Facts: I spent my kindergarten and 5th grade year in German public schools and can speak German fluently. My main hobbies are hiking, camping, gardening, and cooking. I also enjoy Kayaking, motorcycles, fishing, and horseback riding. When I retire, I hope to open an animal sanctuary. My only broken bone has been my cheek when I was smacked by a horse hoof causing 3 breaks and 4 cracks across my cheekbone.

Photo of Cheyenne Butcher
Cheyenne Butcher
Photography, Yearbook, Zine Visual Arts


Joined: 2018

College: Bachelor of Arts in Photography from the Art Institute of Colorado

Why TSAS? The passion and dedication for the Arts is what drew me to TSAS. In a time where many institutions are ending photography programs and taking out darkrooms, I admire a school that sees the importance and the potential of photography as a venue for expression for students. I believe it’s not just a skill but an avenue of learning history as well as making it.

Interesting Facts: I have spent my free time over the last few years converting a school bus into a mobile tiny house and through photography, I’ve been documenting the process.