Our building is located at 1202 W Easton St. in historic Owen Park just west of downtown Tulsa. Before applying to TSAS, we encourage students to spend a morning at our school.

CLICK HERE to sign up for shadowing. Email info@tsas.org with any questions or concerns. Please do not call the main TSAS line with shadowing questions.

Shadowing Guidelines

  • The shadowing student will follow a TSAS student to 3 classes and lunch. The student they follow will be in the grade the shadowing student will be entering next year (no exceptions).
  • Shadowing students are required to adhere to all TSAS policies and procedures, namely; mutual respect, electronics use policies, and the TSAS dress code.
  • Parents should drop their student who is shadowing off in the main office at 8:00 am.
  • Parents should come inside to drop students off and pick them up.
  • Parents should pick up a letter for their student’s school when they pick up their student.
  • If parents would like to stay and complete an application, that is permitted.
  • Parents should give their student $3.50 cash for lunch. They may also bring their lunch. Many parents choose to get lunch after they pick up their student, which is also permitted.

Additionally, potential students and families are invited to our Open Houses, these are great opportunities to get answers to questions, see our school, and meet the fantastic teachers at TSAS. Open houses are scheduled for January 24th and February 5th from 6-8 pm. Open houses are open to the public, and no sign up is required.