The Board of Trustees is the Tulsa School of Arts and Sciences governing board. Meeting Dates are the second Tuesday of each month, at 5:30 pm. Check the calendar for more information.

Dr. Patrick Forsyth

Board President Board of Trustees
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Dr. Forsyth began his career teaching high school in New York City and subsequently taught graduate studies in school leadership and policy at OSU, Arizona State, Penn State, University of Missouri, and for the past 11 years he co-directed the Oklahoma Center for Education Policy at The University of Oklahoma. He holds a BA from Marist College, an MA from New York University, and an Ed.D. from Rutgers University.
His research has focused on collective trust properties of organizations and the application of self-determination theory to school reform. He has authored or edited eight books, including Collective Trust: Why Schools Can’t Improve Without It (with Curt M. Adams & Wayne K. Hoy; Teachers College Press, 2011).
Forsyth served for 15 years as the Executive Director of The University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA), Vice President of The American Educational Research Association’s (AERA) Division A, Administration, and co-founder and chair of The National Policy Board for Educational Administration, which initiated the establishment of national standards for the licensure of school administrators.
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