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Photo of Cheyenne Butcher
Cheyenne Butcher
Photography, Yearbook, Zine Visual Arts


Joined: 2018

College: Bachelor of Arts in Photography from the Art Institute of Colorado

Why TSAS? The passion and dedication for the Arts is what drew me to TSAS. In a time where many institutions are ending photography programs and taking out darkrooms, I admire a school that sees the importance and the potential of photography as a venue for expression for students. I believe it’s not just a skill but an avenue of learning history as well as making it.

Interesting Facts: I have spent my free time over the last few years converting a school bus into a mobile tiny house and through photography, I’ve been documenting the process.

Photo of Kelly Foshee
Kelly Foshee
Teaching Artist Visual Arts

Joined: 2006

College: University of Tulsa– Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1998 University of Tulsa– Certificate in Museum Studies, 2000 University of Tulsa– Master of Fine Arts, 2002 Tulsa Community College– Certificate in Italian Language Studies, 2002

Why TSAS?:  Because I wanted a school where I was free to develop my own curriculum that was free from the constraints of traditional schools, and focused on encouraging the growth of students in their creative life. This school values the benefits of an all-around education in which art is seen as an essential tool for the development of both the student’s critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.

Interesting Fact: In his 87th year, Michelangelo inscribed on a sketch the words ‘Ancora Imparo’– Italian for ‘I am still learning’. It’s a reminder that learning is a life-long pursuit, and we’re never truly finished. I have also taught at the Philbrook Museum of Art for the last 10 years, and live with two dogs, a cat who thinks he’s a dog, Gus, and my husband, Aaron.

Photo of Aubree Karner
Aubree Karner
Art Foundations, Painting, Drawing I and II Visual Arts


Joined: 2017

College: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art from the University of Arkansas, and Master of Sceince in Museum Science and Management from the University of Tulsa

Why TSAS? TSAS is a great school with dedicated faculty and a family atmosphere.

Interesting Fact: I have a deformed rib on my left side.