Welcome back to TSAS for our 15th school year! We have been very busy this summer and have a very exciting announcement. In June, TSAS and the Tulsa Public Schools announced that TSAS will move to the Roosevelt building and to begin a 7th grade class in the 2016-2017 school year. The discussions with superintendent Dr. Ballard and new Superintendent Dr. Gist have allowed us to come to a very favorable conclusion that will allow our school to grow into a building that will become our permanent home.

Our new agreements with TPS not only allows for the expansion, but the modification of the building. TPS will paint, clean, and move walls in the building before they help us to move our furniture to that location. In addition, the agreement includes building five new science labs into the building, finally fixing one of the biggest issues with the current building.

the Roosevelt building is a 1926 building located in the beautiful and historic Owen Park. This location is next to the Discover Children’s Museum, to the East of the Owen Park Neighborhood, and just minutes from the Brady District in Downtown Tulsa.


Why did this happen so fast?

Tulsa Public Schools has experienced a great amount of growth in the area around our current building, in fact the reason the building was closed was because it was over-crowded. The three buildings surrounding TSAS are in need of more classroom space and Tulsa Public Schools was preparing to add $2 Million in trailers to those schools.

At the same time, the entity that was planning to purchase Roosevelt decided that they were not going to be able to make that purchase. At that time, a great opportunity became available and Tulsa Public Schools asked us to consider this move.

How will the application process work for the 7th graders?

The application process for our 7th grade will work exactly as it does for our other grades, we will begin taking applications in the middle of November and all applications will be due February 12th at 4:15pm. Our lottery will take place on February 16th at 3:30 and each grade will be drawn separately, sibling preference will also be in effect for siblings of currently enrolled students.

Will there be shadowing or open houses for the 7th graders?

Because we are beginning the 7th grade this year, we will not be able to offer shadowing for those students. We will have special meetings for students and parents on November 12th and January 14th at 6:30pm at the current school building.

Will there be any transportation?

We are working with TPS to discuss some transportation options, but at this time nothing has been announced.