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TSAS is working with Tulsa Public Schools to lease a new building for the 2012-2013 school year. The Barnard elementary School building will allow the school more space and amenities while saving the school a considerable amount of money.

Why Move?

Our current building is too small to accommodate our current program:

  • we currently have only 23,000 square feet of space and 18 classrooms,
  • we have no space that will allow us to bring the entire student body together at once,
  • our science labs are inadequate and we cannot address this as a tenant in an office building,
  • the lack of a kitchen means that nutritional food is a challenge and we cannot offer free or reduced meals.

In addition to the space issues, our building costs $266,050 per year; this is nearly 20% of our entire state allocation.

About Barnard

Built in 1925, the school is located at 2324 E 17th Street between the historic Yorktown and Gillette neighborhoods. The school is 48,261 square feet with 19 permanent classrooms, a gymn with a stage, a cafeteria, and a large media center. The school has recent air conditioning upgrade and a metal roof.





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